’MIRAI Coin (MRI)’ is a Proof of Stake, Masternode coin based on the further development of xGOx coin.

MIRAI is aiming to gain a place amongst the worlds top cryptocurrencies through the development of an interactive website and payment platform.
It is a ‘Peer to Peer’ Electronic Asset Protocol that will be deployed throughout the internet.
The MIRAI protocol is entirely decentralised with no central banks’ interaction required and no other trusted third parties to operate or confirm any transactions made on its blockchain.
With the Hypersend feature, MIRAI is capable of near instantaneous transactions.

MIRAI was launched by the team as a voluntary swap. xGOx holders had the option to keep xGOx or swap to MIRAI, an advanced cryptocurrency with masternode capabilities designed to future-proof the coin.
The initial premine of 1,500,000 coins were solely offered to XGOX holders to voluntarily swap xGOx to MIRAI.
The remaining MIRAI premine of 1,200,000 was burned after the swap was completed.

Coin specifications

Ticker: MRI
Algo: Quark cpu friendly
Last Pow Block: 4000
Max Supply: 600 m
Block Time: 180 seconds
Reward Block: 0-50
Premine 1500000 Coins

PoW Mining 201-4000 0 MRI

PoS Mining
4001-11000 1 MRI
11001-25500 50 MRI
25501-35500 45 MRI
35501-60000 40 MRI
60001-100000 35 MRI
100001-125000 30 MRI
1250001-150000 25 MRI
150001-200000 20 MRI
200001-250000 15 MRI
2500001-500000 10 MRI
500000-1000000 5 MRI


Reward Distribution

MasterNode: 70%
Staking: 25%
Development fee 5%
-Port: 14440 - RCP Port: 14445
Masternode rewards are based on the total number of blocks per day, reward per block and the number of masternodes online.
They can be calculated by getting the total number of blocks per 24 hours multiplied by block reward then divided by number of masternodes.
MNBLOCKS * MNBLOCKREWARD / MNTOTAL = Average rewards per day

Windows VPS masternode guide Linux VPS masternode guide


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Road Map

This roadmap has been made with the intention of remaining completely realistic. We are not inventing imaginary features that will never be released or specializing in any technology that is not currently already a reality.
Our goal is simply to develop a platform and currency that is attractive for bitcoin users and for merchants accepting cryptocurrency. We will achieve this by offering merchants the things that truly matter to them; A strong coin, with strong community and high liquidity across multiple platforms and exchanges. Additionally we will facilitate growth by developing an interactive website with advanced tools allowing the acceptance of MRI on any website that wishes to accept cryptocurrency payments. Our goal is not just to have a small community of users, but to push MRI to the larger crypto community and beyond.
Mirai had 0% premine for developers. There was no ico and no fundraising. Mirai was offered as a voluntary coinswap from XGOX with ALL swapped XGOX being burned, allowing a reduction in circulating supply of XGOX while engaging a strong community of holders.
The choice was made to distribute in this way because the codebase of xgox was not suitable for a masternode upgrade and because we didn’t want to leave the XGOX community behind.
Here are the some of developments that we have planned for the next 12 months (Read clockwise). Start Phase has been completed and we are currently completing Phase 1 of the Roadmap